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John works in a short-term framework of sessions using family constellation techniques. Sometimes one constellation session is enough.  He offers people methods to access their inner guide and to activate their own inner resources, thus giving clients the means to resolve their own issues. These days he feels best when serving others by helping them heal conflicts and resolve life’s challenges - especially in relationships, "failures," and the burdens they "carry" for those they love. In addition to constellations, John offers personalized retreats for individuals, couples and groups; consultation to help organizations resolve problems and achieve their goals; and individual hourly sessions as needed. In work with groups and individuals, when it is useful, John also uses medical QiGong, holotropic breathwork, dream analysis, shamanic journeys, holographic memory resolution, and several other ways to release discomfort.

Some of John's work is done outdoors, sometimes in wilderness. He works in Tucson, Sedona, New York, Mexico and Hawaii. He offers talks and workshops wherever groups of people invite him to facilitate constellations

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After decades of intensive research and practice – mastering the most effective methods for healing our body-mind challenges – John Dore has refined an extensive set of skills that is rare and somewhat unique among people in the healing arts. These days he is achieving amazing results with what is known as family constellations, in both group settings and for individuals in private sessions. This inner work is achieved in complete safety within one's self. His success with this makes him more passionate than ever to serve others by helping them to resolve their conflicts and problems.  In addition, John collaborates with  clients on their dreams, looking for the transcendent symbols in the unconscious that lead to solutions that were created by the conscious mind.

Constellations are the most effective and economical means to release blocks to our growth and happiness. They resolve obstacles to progress we were unaware of --   that were caused by what we inherited from our family lineages.  Constellations serve as ideal containers for all Dr. Dore offers. He now integrates constellation work with Carl Jung's methods of healing.  Most of his work takes place in what is known as the "Knowing Field," a shamanic-like energy field which connects the center of our being to a much greater collective consciousness. And John integrates Jung's vision and constellations with the best in recent social science research as well as wisdom teachings from several spiritual traditions.

He is trained in psychoanalysis, neurolinguistic programming, addictions counseling  and human resource management.  John trained doctoral students in developmental psychology, linguistics and speech science; he  chaired an interdisciplinary program in language studies in the humanities and social sciences. As a university-wide full professor he taught literature, religion and  addiction studies to undergraduates. He’s been a consultant to national funding agencies, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers. His more than 50 publications   cover diverse issues in human development.

John Dore


Emotional Health Systems
Tucson, AZ USA
(520) 906-1768

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