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John Dore Ph.D.

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John Dore


Emotional Health Systems
Tucson, AZ USA
(520) 906-1768

Short-term (often one-time) Treatment

In addition to group workshops and constellation events, Emotional Health Systems offers sessions for individuals, couples and families. Dr. Dore has been a researcher and alternative healer  for more than 40 years. His many publications and decades of practice have provided him with a wealth of experience. Before constellation work he specialized in helping people with a variety of emotional afflictions, with addictions of all kinds, with family problems and with personal growth issues.

Currently, Dr. Dore encourages individuals, when appropriate, to experience private constellations in order to release unconscious blocks and burdens they carry for others. Sometimes all that is needed is one constellation session. At other times a few sessions may be needed to clear up issues.

When it is called for,  advanced and unusual methods are used. For example, holotropic breathwork is especially effective in bringing unconscious material to awareness; holographic memory resolution often releases blocks due to childhood difficulties. It helps clients to nurture their “inner child” as a means of practicing more self-love. Poor self-image, low self-esteem, even self-hate is more common than realized; one wisdom tradition claims that we are all born with unconscious unworthiness.) Shamanic journeys serve to retrieve lost parts of the self and they help people to become more whole – thus healthier.

Unless a complex family constellation is underway, sessions for individuals usually last about an hour.

Current Fees

A $10 donation is suggested for group participants
$100 per hour for individual  constellation sessions

Retreat and consultation fees are negotiated per contract.

Private Sessions