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In 200?, a few years after a painful divorce, I spent a life changing week with John in Sedona, Arizona.

His amazing talents as a spiritual teacher and therapist and his intuition, humaneness and patience, are beyond description.

We worked tirelessly from morning until night, on different issues and with different methods, reaching deep down into long forgotten wounds and working on recovering them gently but efficiently.

The work that we did is still very relevant in my life and has helped me "start" a new relationship with myself and with the world around me. – X. X., USA


Emotional Health Systems

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John Dore


Emotional Health Systems
Tucson, AZ USA
(520) 906-1768

I read the book; John camps in the master’s front yard until he can thoroughly integrate new knowledge with the deepest teachings of the past 2000 years. – R. W., Gilbert, AZ;  USA

John Dore Ph.D.

I first met John Dore in the summer of 2000, at a men's retreat he was leading back east. His energy was vital to the process we were going through as a group and I found that he had an uncanny ability to "feel" what next step was needed and to take a man or group of men past their own limited understanding of their ability to grow and change. He was boisterous and generated a strong masculine energy that in no way diminished the feminine side of the males in his presence and, at just the right moment he would open the group to a truly authentic gentle spirit and tenderness in his attention to present need. I felt that John was able to single out each individual and give his full attention to that man.

He saw the strengths and gifts in each of us and it was invigorating to participate in the birthing process John facilitated of my own genius, my own strength and my own manhood. I began this work a broken, frightened and angry man. I had participated in many forms of "therapy" previous to the men's work I attended with John's leadership and I had never found the way to my soul, my true self, until I participated in this new work that was not therapy but something much deeper, much more vital. A dam broke forth and for the first time in my life I knew what it was like to feel whole and excited about the many prospects of exploration before me. Subsequently I attended a number of other retreats with John in a leadership role and every time I walked away with new insight and new hope.

It is my experience that some people have the ability to reach out and take an individual or group to places they never dreamed they could go. John Dore is a man such as this and I will always be eternally grateful for the work he did with me that changed my life and freed me from hopelessness and emotional pain in ways I never thought possible. To this day the love that John gave to me grows within me and maintains a drive, a passion, to find new ways to pass itself on. – P. S., Tucson, AZ; USA